Affiliate/ Reseller Program

Our company strives off our reputation and our ability to continue growing as our market continues to expand. So at Luxury Laces we offer an extremely generous reseller or affiliate program that will not only have you join the Luxury Lace team but will also generate you money for every piece of jewelry that you sell or share with the world.

There are several different programs that we offer:

Starter – The starter reseller program offers a variety of options that allows you to legally sell Luxury Lace products. This includes every item that we offer in our store. The starter package includes the rights to sell the items to customers anywhere in the world.

Gold – Our Gold package is designed specifically for individuals who are extremely confident in their selling ability and have knowledge and experience selling jewelry. Similar to the starter package you can sell any and all of our products we offer in our store. The difference between the starter and gold package is determined by the volume of Luxury Lace items you sell and the percentage in which you make.

Premium – Our premium package is designed specially and only for companies, organizations and stores that already have presence in its community. Online or actual business locations are both permitted. This reseller program allows the company to sell Luxury Lace products at our cost and be extremely well compensated for bringing our products into the world of your customers.

Platinum Package - Interested in starting your own Luxury Lace franchise? We will provide you with all the tools you need in order to sell your products and set up your own luxury lace online store. You will become an official reseller of all Luxury Lace products. Retail value $20,000 with minimum purchase of $5,000 worth of products.

If you are interested in being an Affiliate/Reseller of Luxury Laces or would like addition information, please e-mail us at: